Our Design and Development Process

Our design and development process is designed to ensure that clients get a custom website and mobile app that will be successful in terms of conversions. We strive to maintain high standards while providing exceptional customer service.


Discovery Call

The first step in our process is to get to know our client’s business. We’ll ask about the goals, target audience, and any challenges with online presence. This information will help us understand what solutions will best work for the client.


Planning & Research

We will start working on a strategy to help achieve the client’s goals. This will involve research into their industry and the target audience. We’ll also look at the competitors to see what they’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement.


Choose the best approach

When choosing the best approach for our client’s business, we consider all available options.

All-in-One Approach: Offer all-in-one packages that include everything before the project starts.
Custom: A custom package that fits the client’s specific need and team of top-vetted talents.


Welcome to Rooche Workspace

Once subscribed, the client will be given access to their own workspace. This is a private area where they can manage their projects and collaborate with the team.


Development & Design

This phase involves the website’s structure and design. This can include creating the layout, adding images and text, and setting up navigation.


Launching & Maintenance

The launching & maintenance process is when the project is completed and is made available to the public. This phase also includes ongoing website maintenance and updates to ensure that the website remains functional and up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website/mobile app be customized according to my needs and wants?

Yes, we only provide custom websites and custom mobile apps for our clients. You can have a team of experts working on your project which will give you the desired outcome for your business.

I want to create various projects with Rooche, if I subscribe for a year will I get a discount?

This is a great offer for you! When you subscribe to us for 1 year, you will get a 1-month free subscription.

How long will it take to finish my project?

How long it takes to finish your project depends on a lot of things, including how detailed your instructions are, how many revisions you request.

I am not happy with my project, can I request a refund?

Refunds are not available because our team works hard on every project we manage. If you are unsatisfied with our work, you can cancel your plan subscription at any moment.

How many hours will you work on my project?

There are three alternatives available to you. You have the option of working 20 hours, 30 hours, or 40 hours per week.

Will my website/mobile app be customized according to my needs and wants?

Yes, we only provide custom websites and custom mobile apps for our clients. You can have a team of experts working on your project which will give you the desired outcome for your business.

What is image optimization, why does it matter, and what can I do about it?

Image optimization is all about making sure that the page your audience sees has the highest-quality images possible. It’s all about making sure these images are optimized to give your audience the best experience possible.

I've heard a lot about mobile apps; can they boost our sales?

Mobile apps can be a great way to help your business succeed and become more productive. It can be a great way to super-charge your business by making your business accessible to your consumers.

Love from our clients.

Merlyn Fabian


My partners and I are happy and satisfied with the mobile app development services we got from Rooche. We wanted mobile apps that have user-friendly design and are easy to use. Coordinating with their team played a big role in achieving our goals for the project. We are looking forward to creating more projects with them in the future!

David Mark


I’m glad that I subscribed ton their 40 hours plan! I got to avail all the services they offer and got my website earlier than the expected date. I also loved how patient they are with me since I know little about creating a website. They answered all my questions (even the stupid ones) and explained everything I did not understood. Definitely a 5 out of 5!

Sammy Dixon


Rooche did an amazing job in creating my company’s website! I still can not believe how a single subscription can create such a beautiful website. I love everything from the design, the functionalities, and even how they communicate with their clients. I would 100% recommend this to my family and friends!

Christopher Mckinley


We are very happy with Rooche; very serious and consistent in their work. The team proved to be extremely flexible and responsive.

Annie Hughes


Rooche team took the time and gave the effort to always be available, to answer questions, correct misunderstandings, and stayed vigilant in meeting our needs. The project lasted a little longer than planned for reasons coming from our side, but they still stayed on it and didn’t make anything difficult.

Stifanie Wilhelm


I was very impressed with how they handled the project. Not only did they deliver on time, but their team provided outstanding service.

It was an absolute pleasure working with them. They were very responsive to our request and exceeded our expectations. They consistently showed passion for their work throughout the project.

Their proactive approach to preventing issues before they even occur and their willingness to collaborate with us is really impressive. These guys are amazing!

Samvit Prajwati


As always very helpful, nothing too much trouble, and the end result was as I envisaged.

Excellent price point, you pay for what you get and Rooche team are full value for money.